How To Build A Chicken Coop Like A Pro

How To Build A Chicken CoopRaising chickens is a great activity for fun or profit. There are many ways and tutorials on how to build a chicken coop, but even before you start, you have to have an idea on what you are getting into.

Tips for Building a Backyard Chicken Coop

Ready To Build Your Chicken Coop?
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The following are some tips to consider before you build your own chicken coop:

♠ The size of the grazing area: Chickens love to scratch the ground and peck at the earth. When raising chickens, you need to give them space to run around.

You can have this area penned inside the chicken coop you are building, or you can give the chickens the freedom to run around your backyard. If you don’t want to run after chickens at the end of the day to get them inside the coop, you need to build a pen integrated into the coop.

♥ How many chickens are you raising? You need to have a nest for each of the hens. The number of chickens will also determine the size of the coop.

♠ Is the coop movable? If you have a large space, it would be good if you have a movable pen and coop. In this way, you can move the pen to a fresh area everyday. If you have more than ten chickens, you might consider a large chicken coop. Or you can have more than one movable chicken coop.

♥ Heating: You need to have a 100-watt incandescent bulb inside the coop. If the coop is larger because you have more chickens, you can add another bulb. This is not just for lighting, but also for warmth.

♠ Ventilation and materials: It would be better to use wood. You can recycle the wood from pallets for the walls. You can also add small hinged windows. One alternative is to have chicken wire all around the coop, and use tarpaulin which you can draw down for the much needed shade.

♥ Cleaning the coop: You can have a raised chicken coop and use chicken wire for the floor. In this way, you would only need to rake the ground under the chicken coop to clean the chicken manure. Otherwise, with a solid board floor, you would need to sweep the inside of the chicken coop everyday.

This may be the most important tip on how to build a chicken coop. Maintaining cleanliness helps keep the chickens healthy.

♦ Accessibility: You need to be able to reach inside the coop to get a chicken, or clean the insides. Make sure that the interior is accessible; either you can get in because it has a man-high ceiling, or a whole wall is hinged and can be opened. You can also make walls which can be dismantled. This will allow for better access.

♥ Chickens are birds and they love to perch: Add a roost or perch for the chickens. Even commercial farms use roosts to automatically and randomly weigh poultry.
Having Fun with Chickens

Conclusion: Chickens are very intelligent animals. You have to consider that although they will be slaughtered for the table at some point, you can still enjoy them while they run around the yard. You have to take into consideration the enjoyment of raising chickens when you plan how to build a chicken coop. These are simple ideas, which allow the birds the freedom without running away from your backyard. To Learn More Click Here Now…

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