Chicken Coop Plans And Designs For Beginners

Chicken Coop Plans And DesignsThis article will detail some tips and tricks in making a chicken coop. It will contain some things to keep in mind before choosing your chicken coop plans and designs for your backyard chickens.

It is imperative that you take a lot of considerations when concocting chicken coop plans. You need to find the perfect place with just the right sunlight to keep your flock warm during winter and keep them from frying up on unforgiving summers. There is also the convenience factor when cleaning up after your poultry’s mess. Who wants chicken poop to be all over the place? Here are a few tips to revamp your coop plans to get you going.

Best Chicken Coop Plans For Beginners?
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Chicken Coop Location

As mentioned earlier, it would be best if you find the right place with just enough sunlight and ventilation for your chickens. For them to go through their normal processes, they need to feel comfortable in the coop, not to mention unstressed to avoid straining their egg production.

There should be just enough open space where the chickens can roam around when they are not inside the coop.

Building the Chicken Coop

It is advisable that you construct a chicken coop that is elevated from the ground, an estimated 2 to 3 feet so your chickens remain dry on the wet season. This ensures that they won’t be drown or stay wet in times of mild flooding. As for the interior, keep it lighted. It is not enough to depend on the sunlight streaming through the coop, especially on days when the sun doesn’t come out.

Choose a bulb that emits a warm glow. At least your coop is adequately equipped with whatever your chickens might need. Be meticulous when picking out the materials you will use for your chicken coop. It has to be predator-proof and not easily penetrated by other animals like the neighbor’s dog or a wandering cat. Your chicken coop plans must be safe for your chickens.

Fashioning the Inside

Your chickens need a place to lay their eggs and to sleep soundly. You can recycle old household items and add them to your chicken coop as nesting beds and roosting perches. Wicker baskets will do the trick; just add some straw to soften the bottom.

Be sure to provide pathways for air to ensure that the coop is properly ventilated. You don’t want your chickens to get sick due to a lack of air circulation. It would be helpful for you as the caretaker to have in-house mechanisms for food and water requiring minimal effort in maintenance. Having a rain collection system cuts you some slack. Your coop plans must be utilized to its maximum extent.

Putting the Finishing Touches

Make your chicken coop your own. Be as creative as you can. You can build a garden around it or be architecturally precise, as long as it signifies you. It doesn’t hurt to decorate your chicken coop accordingly.

Furnishing chicken coop plans may look tough at first but if you’ve got all elements in the equation factored in, it wouldn’t be as baffling. There are two things you must keep in mind: first is your own convenience in looking after your chicken coop. This will directly translate to how effective you’ll be in taking care of your chickens, which is the second concern you should remember. Your chickens need your care and that they have needs you should provide regularly. Click Here To Get More Info Now.

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